Department: Biología Celular e Histología

Centre: Facultad de Medicina y Enfermería

Campus: Bizkaia

Field of knowledge: Ciencias de la Salud

Area: Cell Biology

Research group: Stem and Cancer Stem cells - GIC 21/158


Personal web:

Doctor by the Universitat de Barcelona with the thesis Implicación de los factores neurotróficos en la fisiopatología y protección de la enfermedad de Huntington 2007. Supervised by Dr. Josep Maria Canals Coll, Dr. Jordi Alberch Vié.

Degree in Biology at the UV. Doctoral thesis with the qualification of "Outstanding Cum Laude" at the UB (2006) and Extraordinary Doctorate Award (2008). Two postdoctoral stages: 1) "Institut Curie" center of recognized international prestige (2008-2009), and 2) "Commissariat à l'Energie Atomique" (CEA) leading French strategic center in research, defense and nuclear deterrence, focusing on the effects of radiation on neural (normal and cancerous) stem cells and its microenvironment (2009-2014). "Ramón y Cajal" tenure-track position (2015-20) at the Achucarro Basque Center for Neuroscience (Basque Country). I got my researcher position at UPV/EHU (2020) and I have consolidated 3 ikertramos (UNIBASQ) and 3 "sexenios" (ANECA-CNEAI). I am PI of contracts with private enterprise (POLIMERBIO S.L.) as well as public financing bodies (MINECO, MCINN, Basque Government). I generated 2 patents and participated in research projects obtaining funding for 1.1M€. I am member of the SENC, the Spanish Society for Laboratory Animal Sciences and the SEHIT. I have participated in 59 communications in international conferences ("European Radiation Research","FENS","SfN","ASCB"…). I also participated in activities of divulgation (PoS, Mapping Ignorance, Elhuyar Zientzia Azoka…). I am fluent in 4 languages; English, Spanish, Catalan and French, I am Associated Editor of Frontiers Media, external expert evaluator of the European Commission, the Spanish AEI, EQA and DNV (International entities for certification, inspection and verification of R+D+i, quality and ESG standards). Supervisor of 2 international thesis work with qualification of “Outstanding cum laude” and 5 PhD students (ongoing). To date, supervisor of 3 master student, 3 “end-of-degree Project” and 2 students from a collaboration agreement between the Achucarro Basque Center for Neuroscience and the University of Salamanca and the UPV/EHU.