La experiencia creativa del alumnado en la realización de un "solo" de Expresión Corporal

  1. Natalia Monge Gómez 1
  2. Nahia Idoiaga Mondragón 1
  1. 1 Universidad del País Vasco/Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea

    Universidad del País Vasco/Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea

    Lejona, España


La Investigación en Danza: MadridOnline 2020
  1. Inma Álvarez Puente (coord.)
  2. Carmen Giménez Morte (coord.)
  3. Raquel López Rodríguez (coord.)
  4. Miriam Martínez Costa (coord.)
  5. Virginia Soprano Manzo (coord.)

Publisher: Ediciones Mahali

ISBN: 978-84-946632-4-6

Year of publication: 2020

Pages: 213-218

Congress: Congreso Nacional la Investigación en Danza (6. 2020. Madrid)

Type: Conference paper


Encouraging creative methodologies in teaching practice allows students to increase their ability to innovate and promotes the development of human qualities such as sensitivity, the drive to experiment, investigate, express, share and create. Body Expression is a very useful tool to bring into play the communicative, expressive and creative dimension of the human being. These dimensions, in addition to facilitating cooperative and empathetic work, contributes to personal growth where feelings and emotions emerge. Based on the proposal to create a "solo", it is intended that the student exposes themselves, with the double objective of promoting and sharing their expressive and communicative abilities and experiencing the personal benefits of a creative process.