Eventos locales, efectos globalesemociones trascendentes e identificación con toda la humanidad

  1. José J. Pizarro 1
  2. Laura Alfaro-Beracoechea 2
  3. Olaia Cusi 1
  4. Manuel L. Ibarra 3
  5. Larraitz Zumeta 1
  6. Nekane Basabe 1
  1. 1 Universidad del País Vasco-España
  2. 2 Universidad de Guadalajara-México
  3. 3 Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México

    Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México

    Toluca de Lerdo, México

    ROR https://ror.org/0079gpv38

Revista de Psicología

ISSN: 0254-9247

Year of publication: 2021

Volume: 39

Issue: 2

Pages: 625-654

Type: Article

DOI: 10.18800/PSICO.202102.005 DIALNET GOOGLE SCHOLAR lock_openDialnet editor

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Confronted with the challenges of the globalized world, recent research suggests that identi-fication with humanity has socio-affective roots and is driven by the celebration of collective rituals that promote benevolence and universalism. This paper analyzes the relation of a self-transcendent emotion (i.e., Awe) lived in local collective meetings with human identity. We conducted a across-sectional study in Mexico and the Basque Country (N = 656), and the results of structural equation modelling shows that this emotion increases the identi-fication with humanity, well-being (directly) and prosocial behavior (indirectly). Further, the intensity of this emotion also predicted the perception of emotional synchrony while controlling for more stable and trait-alike variables. Following Durkheim, the emotional processes experienced in collective events encourage the development of shared identities and the promotion of the common welfare through experiences of self-transcendence, which can result of great importance in the common efforts to deal with current large-scale social issues.