¿Qué han aprendido al finalizar la clase, a dibujar o cómo estudiar?

  1. Egoitz Sierra Uria
  2. Erlantz Lizundia Fernández
  3. Lander Barrenetxea Apraiz
DYNA management

ISSN: 2340-6585

Year of publication: 2020

Volume: 8

Issue: 1

Type: Article


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This article shows the reality of the learning of the students of 1st year of engineering. Through the One minute paper dynamic and in the reflexive phase of learning (metacognition), the students have been asked at the end of the class what have you realized? The almost 800 answers of the more than 70 students, who have taken part in this research during 14 weeks, reflect how important the transversal competences are for the students, even if officially only the disciplinary competences are worked on in class. This article makes visible the need for improvement in the engineering degrees with respect to training in transversal competences so necessary in the professional work of the engineer.