Digitization of the mechanical articulator: Virtual Articulator

  1. José Antonio Oriozabala-Brit
  2. Xabier Amezua-Lasuen
  3. Xabier Garikano-Osinaga
  4. Mikel Iturrate-Mendieta
  5. Iñaki Martin-Amundarain
  6. Eneko Solaberrieta-Mendez
Advances in Design Engineering: proceedings of the XXIX International Congress INGEGRAF. 20-21 June 2019, Logroño, Spain
  1. Francisco Cavas-Martínez (dir. congr.)
  2. Félix Sanz-Adan (dir. congr.)
  3. Paz Morer Camo (dir. congr.)
  4. Ruben Lostado Lorza (dir. congr.)
  5. Jacinto Santamaría Peña (dir. congr.)

Publisher: Springer International Publishing AG

ISBN: 3-030-41199-0 3-030-41200-8

Year of publication: 2020

Pages: 212-218

Congress: Congreso Internacional de Ingeniería Gráfica (INGEGRAF) (29. 2019. Logroño)

Type: Conference paper


This study presents the digitalization of the dental articulator, which is a device used by dentists as a replica of the patient’s mouth. For this purpose, the digitalization has been carried out applying reverse engineering to obtain a three-dimensional model that totally simulates the behavior of the virtual model with the same measurements as the physical articulator Panadent PSH. First, the physical dental articulator has been scanned using the ATOS Compact three-dimensional scanner. Then, the processing was carried out using the reverse engineering Geomagic software, where the necessary geometric elements were obtained. The parts have been modeled in 3D in the Solid Edge program and the assembly has been carried out. In this same CAD program, the parameterization of the adjustable parts, such as condylar pits, has been carried out. Finally, variables have been introduced that a physical dental articulator does not allow, for example the intercondylar distance. By digitizing and parameterizing the dental articulator, the virtual articulator has been obtained. This virtual device allows the user to have greater control of the design, plan more accurately, enter more patient data, for example the 3D face of the patient, and data management is better.