Azentu, intonazio eta silabifikazioen funtzio bereizleez

  1. Álvarez Enparantza, José Luis
  2. Etxeberria Murua, Pilartxo
  3. Hernáez Rioja, Inmaculada
  4. Gaminde Terraza, Iñaki
Revista de psicodidáctica

ISSN: 1136-1034

Year of publication: 1998

Issue: 6

Pages: 79-98

Type: Article

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In this work we analyse the distintive function of the accent, the intonation and syllabification. We consider the significance of these factors in the process of linguistic disambiguation. First, we present the lexical and gramatical distinctions given by means of the different positions of the accent. In the second part of the work, we analyse the relationships between focalization and intonation, together with an examination of the importance of the intonation in the distinction of the focus. In the third part of this work, after analysing the different functions of syllabification, we consider its relationship with the syntactic constituent elements. Finally, the didactic implications arised from the distinctive functions here studied are described.