Acciones de mejora en las licenciaturas de Economía de la Empresa de la UPV/EHUun camino hacia el EEES

  1. Periáñez Cañadillas, Iñaki
  2. Peña Esteban, Joseba Iñaki de la
Conocimiento, innovación y emprendedores: camino al futuro
  1. Ayala Calvo, Juan Carlos (coord.)

Publisher: Universidad de La Rioja

ISBN: 84-690-3573-8

Year of publication: 2007

Type: Book chapter


In this paper we are thinking about improvement actions derived from evaluations procedures and about the importance of put in practice these actions by the main chiefs of the university. The aim of the procedure is to give more credibility to the evaluation process, to put in practice several systems in order to become a guarantee of the quality at the university and to make easy future accreditation procedures. This paper has it base line on the results of the Plan to Practice and Pursuit Improvement Actions (Plan de Implantación y Seguimiento de Acciones de Mejora -PISAM) that we have developed at the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) during the years 2005/06. Our aim is to fall into the necessity of recognition to the people that work into the evaluation by the main chiefs of the university taking part on the practice and pursuit of improvement actions. We think that it is the only way to give more credibility and recognition to the evaluation process