Proyecto universidad - empresadiseño de nuevo proceso de modelizado digital de tablas de surf

  1. Rikardo Mínguez Gabiña
  2. Egoitz Sierra Uria
  3. Lander Barrenetxea Apraiz
  4. María Isabel Larracoechea Madariaga
  5. Eneko Solaberrieta
  6. B. Belaustegigoitia Basterretxea
X Congreso Internacional de Ingeniería de Proyectos: Valencia, 13-15 Septiembre 2006. Actas

Publisher: edUPV, Editorial Universitat Politècnica de València ; Universitat Politècnica de València

ISBN: 84-9705-987-5

Year of publication: 2006

Pages: 736-744

Congress: CIDIP. Congreso Internacional de Ingeniería de Proyectos (10. 2006. Valencia)

Type: Conference paper


This paper presents the research project “Design of a new Surfboards digital modelling process”. This project is financed by the University of the Basque Country in the University - Company 2005 Research Program with the collaboration of the surfboards manufacturer PUKAS. This paper focuses on the diversion of new design technologies such as Reverse Engineering on the production of Surfboards (scanning, digitalization, rapid prototyping and manufacturing). The research team has studied the difficulty and originality on the design process as Surfboards have complex surfaces called ‘styling surfaces’ or ‘design surfaces’. The main objective of the researchers is to collaborate with PUKAS to investigate the possibility of introduction of a new process of conception, design and CAD/CAE/CAM production of the surfboards by taking care of the technical, economical, logistic and social situation in the PUKAS factory. Their design process requires technical assistance from abroad and their actual machine must be changed soon. This project is been developed in the Product Design Laboratory in the Faculty of Engineering of Bilbao.