El proceso de evaluación clínicacogniciones del evaluador

  1. Ibáñez Aguirre, Carmelo
  2. Maganto Mateo, Carmen
Summa Psicológica UST

ISSN: 0718-0446

Year of publication: 2009

Volume: 6

Issue: 1

Pages: 81-99

Type: Article

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The cognitive paradigm of the past few decades opens several new possibilities for psychological evaluation. The objective of this essay is to emphasize the possibilities related to the quality of selfevaluation, specifi cally professional self-assessment, meaning a critical analysis of one's own evaluation process. In this essay, metacognition activities and strategies are examined, as are the ways in which these activities and strategies relate to metacognition and cognitive skills. The intent of this theoretical essay is to offer answers to the clinical evaluator's professional experience. The results indicate that the clinical professional must consider strategies to improve metacognition and cognitive skills through refl ection, self-analysis and self-criticism to improve the quality and effi iency of their work.