Art, academia, and culture before the challenges posed by the new emerging events and technologies of the 21st centuryevolution and adaptation

  1. Francisco Javier Araujo Baron Zuzendaria
  2. Augusto Zubiaga Garate Zuzendaria

Defentsa unibertsitatea: Universidad del País Vasco - Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea

Fecha de defensa: 2023(e)ko apirila-(a)k 21

Mota: Tesia

Teseo: 805595 DIALNET lock_openADDI editor


The advent of the many emerging crises of our time, and of the manyemerging technologies that are set to define the short-term future, pose aseries of challenges that could heavily disrupt social and economic structuresworldwide if they are not addressed in a sensible and timely manner. Thisresearch project aims to analyze and expose how the artistic, academic, andcultural disciplines could adapt and evolve in the face of this situation, withthe goal of generating a knowledge base that could be utilized to progressivelyredefine said disciplines in a way that would allow them to help our speciesovercome the challenges posed by the future in a significant manner. The datafor this project was collected through the qualitative study and cross-analysisof hundreds of relevant articles and studies.This study unveils that these emerging challenges are extraordinarilyintricate and dangerous in nature, and uncovers that their root cause resides inthe continued inability of our species to reconcile its tribal legacy with theever-evolving nature of technology, concluding that contemporary societies arecritically underprepared to handle these challenges sensibly. Possible solutionsto this situation determined by this project include the proposal for aredefinition of the artistic, academic, and cultural disciplines conducted intune with our tribal nature and the nature of technology that makes use ofsocial networking structures based on the patterns that define naturallyoccurring evolutive emergent systems to reconcile said natures.Other themes analyzed by this study include the relevance of the artisticmindset as a vital aspect of the human being, the necessity of sensiblydemocratizing the new emerging technologies, and the potential occurrence of anevolutive emergent in the foreseeable future as a consequence of humaninteraction and organizational complexity reaching a sustained critical mass.These findings indicate the need for the realization of a progressiveredefinition of the artistic, academic, and cultural disciplines conducted intune with our tribal nature and the nature of technology, as well as the need forthe immediate recognition and addressing of the many emerging challenges of ourtime by the international community.