Development of new anticorrosion coatings based on the combination of suitable waterborne polymeric binders and corrosion inhibitors

  1. María Paulis Lumbreras Zuzendaria
  2. Maria Forsyth Zuzendaria

Defentsa unibertsitatea: Universidad del País Vasco - Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea

Fecha de defensa: 2023(e)ko otsaila-(a)k 01

Mota: Tesia


This PhD thesis aimed to study of the anticorrosive properties of new environmental friendly cinnamate based corrosion inhibitors as free inhibitors in solution, and whenever possible perform their incorporation into waterborne polymeric latexes by different techniques such as emulsion, miniemulsion and dispersion polymerization. The effectiveness of the obtained coatings for mitigation of corrosion of mild steel surfaces was investigated by electrochemical analysis.It was found that miniemulsion polymerization was the most efficient technique to incorporated coumaric acid based organic inhibitors. Methoxy p-coumaric acid was shown to be the most effective organic inhibitor when incorporated to the waterborne coatings, even if p-4-ethyloxymethacrylate coumarate also showed its good corrosion protection performance when a scratch was done to the coated surface. The addition of phosphate groups bearing surfactants did not improve further the anticorrosion properties of the waterborne coatings with the coumaric inhibitors.Finally, the corrosion protection ability of cetrimonium cinnamates cationic inhibitors at low pHs (1 or 2) was also probed, both in solution and mixed with a waterborne coating produced by dispersion polymerization.