Proyecto GEO_FPI, cartografía de la Zona Surportuguesa (ZSP). Datos preliminares de un estudio geocronológico U-Pb

  1. A. Díez-Montes 1
  2. J.X. Matos 2
  3. P. Valverde-Vaquero 1
  4. R. Solá 2
  5. A. Beranoaguirre 1
  6. L. Albardeiro 2
  7. R. Salgueiro 2
  8. I. Morais 2
  9. P. Montero 3
  10. M.T. López 1
  1. 1 Instituto Geológico y Minero de España (IGME)
  2. 2 Laboratório Nacional de Energia e Geologia (LNEG)
  3. 3 Universidad de Granada

    Universidad de Granada

    Granada, España


Geotemas (Madrid)

ISSN: 1576-5172

Year of publication: 2021

Issue Title: X Congreso Geológico de España

Issue: 18

Pages: 404

Type: Article

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The SPZ is the south westernmost geotectonic unit of the Variscan Orogeny and the following domains are considered: Pulo do Lobo (early Frasnian and late-Famennian), Iberian Pyrite Belt (Givetian-late Visean), Baixo Alentejo Flysch Group (late Visean-late Moscovian) and Southwest Group (late Strunian-mid Bashkirian). Special work was performed in the Iberian Pyrite Belt considered one of the most important metallogenetic massive sulfides deposit provinces (VHMS) with significant Cu, Zn, Pb, Ag, Au, Sn, In, Se, Ge, resources. A common fieldwork has been carried out in the Spanish/Portuguese border region to allow a better integration and corre- lation of geological and mapping data. In addition, 31 outcrops have been selected where samples have been collected for a geochronology study of U-Pb in zircon. The age data obtained are important to restrict the geological structures of the Iberian Pyrite Belt that contain the massive sulphide mineralization. On the other hand, improve the geotectonic vision of the entire SPZ. This study is supported by EU Interreg-VA Poctep/0052_GEO_FPI_5_E Project/ funded by European Regional Development Fund/FEDER (