Valoración de la AGF en las metástasis coroideas pre y post-tratamiento con radioterapia externa ocular

  1. Álvarez, M.
  2. Feito, G.
  3. Larumbe, B.
  4. Ronquillo, A.
  5. Escobar, F.
  6. Escobar, R.
Archivos de la Sociedad Española de Oftalmologia

ISSN: 0365-6691

Year of publication: 1991

Volume: 60

Issue: 1

Pages: 73-78

Type: Article

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Pre-treatment and post-treatment Fluorescein Angiographic studies were donde in 10 patients with posterior choroidal metastases. The results show that the effects of bilateral external radiotherapy using photon to a total therapeutic douse of 5.000 Cq. are best evaluated by means of fluorescein angiography as compared to ophthalmoscopy or biomicroscopy.