La comprensión infantil de prestamos e intereses

  1. Bacaicoa Ganuza, Fernando
Revista de psicodidáctica

ISSN: 1136-1034

Year of publication: 1999

Issue: 7

Pages: 83-98

Type: Article

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This work shows partial features from an investigation financed by the Basque Goberment about understanding of Banks functioning (G.VPLl 96/80). The fundamental notion of interest to understand how Banks ear money doesn't look to be understood at the age of 12, as it is understood the notion of benefit or profit, totally stabilised at that age. The author believes that the problem comes from the difficulty in children of that age, having to consider money within the ran of goods. To name this relation, one turns to the understanding of money intransitive relation, that is to say; to the fact of money that buys and sells itself. In fact, although it is known that Banks lend money and that it is wrong considered that they ask for interest, it is not known how to integrate in a system where interest is a way which Banks use to earn money.