Urduliz eta Gatikako herri hizkeren azterketa linguistikoa

  1. Gaminde Terraza, Ignacio
Supervised by:
  1. Juan Manuel Etxebarria Ayesta Director

Defence university: Universidad de Deusto

Year of defence: 1992

Type: Thesis


The purpose of the dissertation was to describe the local Basque varieties of Urduliz and Gatika. The thesis is in four parts: vowel system, accentual system, morphosyntax and lexicon. In the first section, an acoustic analysis of the local vowels is performed along the lines of previous studies of this kind. Two thousand vowel tokens were analysed in the phonetics laboratory, registering measurements and lengths of the first and second formants of each token. In the second section, a description by simple sentence constituents is carried out in order to present the main rules of accent. First, the value of the accent is presented. After analysing the nature and solidity of the accent, the basic melodies and rules of the main constituents are analysed together with the use of all suffixes. In the third section, morphosyntactic materials are classified into eleven classes: noun, adjective, pronouns, determiners, demonstratives, quantifiers, adverbs, declension, verb, conjunctions and subordinators. In the fourth and final section the lexical material that was gathered is presented, with a total of 4,561 word senses. In the presentation of words, for each entry the villages where the item is used are indicated, alongside the meaning, examples and sentences, and an indication of whether the item in question is given in Azkue¿s dictionary.