Imagen y ortofoto, elementos clave en la representación de eventos en el territorio, mediante la utilización de técnicas GIS

  1. Javier Pueyo Echevarría 1
  2. Carlos Larraz Duerto 1
  1. 1 Departamento de Expresión Gráfica y Proyectos de Ingeniería. Universidad del País Vasco, España.
Actas del Congreso Internacional de Ingeniería Gráfica XVI

Publisher: INGEGRAF

ISBN: 84-95475-39-1

Year of publication: 2004

Congress: Congreso Internacional de Ingeniería Gráfica (INGEGRAF) = International Congress INGEGRAF (16. 2004. Zaragoza / Huesca)

Type: Conference paper


The geographical area evaluated is the city of Bilbao. It is situated in the north of Spain. Several images exemplify the situation about noise immission level and involves the identification of areas in wich harmful environmental effects caused by noise are being produced. The necessity for doing so has provided a new method efficient, inexpensive and easily comprehensible to all people about environmental noise conditions and their evaluation. The study will show how Integrated Geographic Information Technology (Idrisi) can provide a convenient means for the advancement and optimization of the planning strategy.