Efecto del modelo de periodización del microciclo competitivo en la carga de entrenamiento de jóvenes futbolistas masculinos

  1. Sergi Morera Carbonell
  2. Ibon Etcheazarra
  3. Julen Castellano
  4. Angel Ric
Retos: nuevas tendencias en educación física, deporte y recreación

ISSN: 1579-1726 1988-2041

Year of publication: 2023

Issue: 48

Pages: 1098-1104

Type: Article

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The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of two periodization models, characterized from the typology of the performed tasks, on the load perceived by young football players. Nineteen U-19 players belonging to the academy of a professional club whose first team plays in LaLiga took part in this study. The Rated Perceived Exertion (RPE) and perception of recovery (Pain Assessment Tool or PAT) in training and competition sessions were recorded during six weeks (three weeks of each coach staff). Comparisons of standardized means were made using magnitude-based inferences and the effect size (Cohen’s d). The results showed that RPE values were higher with Coaching Staff 1 whose training sessions showed a particular management of the variables that configure the small-sided games, mainly number of players and pitch size, depending on the day of the week. The recovery values of training in the days prior to the match increased in Coaching Staff 2 with respect to the first one. These findings show that the periodization model, determined by the typology of training tasks and their distribution over the weekly training days, seems to have a particular impact on the perception of effort and fatigue related to training and competition.

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