EUROSLA Yearbook 5

  1. Susan H. Foster-Cohen coord.
  2. María del Pilar García Mayo coord.
  3. Jasone Cenoz coord.

Publisher: John Benjamins

ISBN: 9027254559

Year of publication: 2005

Congress: Conference of the European Second Language Association

Type: Book


The annual conference of the European Second Language Association provides an opportunity for the presentation of second language research with a genuinely European flavour. The theoretical perspectives adopted are wide-ranging and may fall within traditions overlooked elsewhere. Moreover, the studies presented are largely multi-lingual and cross-cultural, as befits the make-up of modern-day Europe. At the same time, the work demonstrates sophisticated awareness of scholarly insights from around the world. The EUROSLA yearbook presents a selection each year of the very best research from the annual conference. Submissions are reviewed and professionally edited, and only those of the highest quality are selected. Contributions are in English (even though other languages may have been used for the original conference presentation).