Escenas contemporáneas. La cerámica en el Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Vicente Aguilera Cerni de Vilafamés

  1. Esther Astarloa
Diferents: revista de museus

ISSN: 2530-1330

Year of publication: 2018

Issue: 3

Pages: 132-147

Type: Article

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If we stop to observe the ceramic work that houses the Museum of Contemporary Art Vicente Aguilera Cerni de Vilafamés (MACVAC), we find an opportunity to reflect on this discipline and expand our vision around it. Very often, the idea that we have about ceramics is limited, due in large part to the usual association that, when studied, we establish with tradition or pottery. The pigeonholing derived from the issues outlined, limits its (our) possibilities and at the same time contributes to maintaining a canon that generates consequences such as the limited presence of ceramics in contemporary art museums or the invisibility and undervaluation with respect to other artistic disciplines. Another issue would be the gender treatment that we can consider when analyzing it. This perspective is important, because inequalities based on gender have been perpetuated socially and also in the ceramic field (despite the presence that, surely as a consequence of their devaluation, women have here).

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