Desde la percepción de un espacio sociocultural marítimopaisajes mutados, imaginarios y memoria de lugar en la ría de Bilbao

  1. Isusko Vivas Ziarrusta
  2. Amaia Lekerikabeaskoa Gaztañaga
  3. Juan Antonio Rubio-Ardanaz
Kobie. Antropología cultural

ISSN: 0214-7939

Year of publication: 2021

Issue: 23

Pages: 121-134

Type: Article

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From the scenes of the Abra and the Ria of Bilbao, in addition to being able to reveal and unhide an intrinsic maritimity to the evolution of the territory, the research leads to focus on resolving those terminological issues that are usually conceptualized in definitions such as urban agglomeration, metropolitan area, etc. Watching from there the limits of these categories to name some inertias and synergies of a cultural type in their entirety, which have been manifesting and taking shape in an area of river roots such as the addressed. Various landscape interpretations (Uriarte 2017), socio-cultural and anthropological (Rubio-Ardanaz 2010) and even aesthetic in terms of artistic and monumental reminiscences (Arnaiz et al. 2000), can be methodologically considered to try to scrutinize and understand the transformations so pronounced that on the plane of physiognomy and imagination, they move from urban concretion to symbolic spheres.