Evaluation of the impact of the use of a robotic platform as a teaching tool

  1. Suarez, A.
  2. Garcia-Costa, D.
  3. Fayos-Jordan, R.
  4. Martinez, P.A.
  5. Perez, J.
  6. Amaro, A.
  7. Torres, J.
  8. Menendez, A.
  9. Soret, J.
  10. Garcia-Olcina, R.
  11. Esperante, D.
15th International Conference of Technology, Learning and Teaching of Electronics, TAEE 2022 - Proceedings

ISBN: 9781665421614

Year of publication: 2022

Type: Conference paper

DOI: 10.1109/TAEE54169.2022.9840600 GOOGLE SCHOLAR