La ganadería en las verrinasLa visión ciceroniana de los pastores en el granero de roma

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Antesteria: debates de Historia Antigua

ISSN: 2254-1683

Year of publication: 2020

Issue: 9-10

Pages: 99-116

Type: Article

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In the imaginary of the Roman Republic, Sicily is considered, practically since its relatively early conquest, as the granary of Rome. However, the sources covering the third to first centuries B.C. show that the island was rich in many other resources, including products derived from husbandry. A similar exercise can be carried out specifically with Cicero‟s Verrines, the main source for the study of RomanRepublican Sicily, where cereal production has a predominant presence, but livestock activities are also present. The article explains that the metropolitan interest in wheat production, together with the excessive relationship of Sicilian herders with servile revolts, led the Roman administration to hamper the development of stockbreeding, thus benefitting agriculture. This has its impact on the limited presence of pastoral activities in the literary sources of the time.