Hacia una "Lingua Novi Imperii": retórica visual y lenguajes de la violencia del fascismo español y primer franquismo (1931-1945)

  1. Rivas Venegas, Miguel
  1. Jesús Carrillo Castillo Zuzendaria

Defentsa unibertsitatea: Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Fecha de defensa: 2018(e)ko abendua-(a)k 05

Mota: Tesia


The aim of this research is to carry a comparative study of visual propaganda and language use of Spanish fascism and early Francoism, and the Third Reich (1930-1945), intended to prove the contact and exchange of both regimes in matters of political communication. Such research will be based on the profound study of illustrated press, posters, postcards, photos, scenography as well as propagandistic, journalistic, and literary Spanish and German texts. The Initial hypothesis proposes that Nazi visual and rhetoric propaganda were a fundamental reference in the construction of Spanish fascist “visual-lexical arsenals”, from apparition of the first fascist groups in Spain (La conquista del Estado, the Juntas Castellanas de Actuación Hispánica, JONS and Falange) until the fall of the Third Reich