Multidisciplinary analysis of clinical casesa transition towards active learning in dental education

  1. Ibarretxe Bilbao, Gaskon
  2. Basaras, Miren
  3. Agirregoitia, Naiara
  4. Sevillano Peña, Elena
  5. Azkue, J. J.
  6. Arizmendiarrieta, Maider
  7. Pérez Urcelay, Itxaro
  8. Díaz Ereño, Elena
  9. Rueda, José Ramón
Univest 2011: III Congreso Internacional "La autogestión del aprendizaje"

Publisher: Universitat de Girona = Universidad de Gerona

ISBN: 978-84-8458-354-7

Year of publication: 2011

Type: Book chapter


In the past 2009/10 academic year, we took steps towards introduction of active methodologies, from a multidisciplinar approach, into a conventional lecture-based Dental Education program. We consolidated these practices in the current 2010/11 year, already within a new Bologna-adapted scheme. Transition involved (i) critical assessment of the limitations of traditional teaching (ii) identification of specific learning topics allowing for integration of contents, (iii) implementation of student-centred learning activities in old curricular plans (iv) assessment of students' satisfaction and perceived learning outcomes, (v) implementation of these changes in new Bologna-adapted curricula