Efficacy of photobiomodulation in reducing pain and improving the quality of life in patients with idiopathic burning mouth syndrome. A systematic review and meta-analysis

  1. Camolesi, G.C.V.
  2. Marichalar-Mendía, X.
  3. Padín-Iruegas, M.E.
  4. Spanemberg, J.C.
  5. López-López, J.
  6. Blanco-Carrión, A.
  7. Gándara-Vila, P.
  8. Gallas-Torreira, M.
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Lasers in Medical Science

ISSN: 1435-604X 0268-8921

Year of publication: 2022

Volume: 37

Issue: 4

Pages: 2123-2133

Type: Review

DOI: 10.1007/S10103-022-03518-Y GOOGLE SCHOLAR lock_openOpen access editor