Metodología para la mejora acústica de recintos de culto. Aplicación en la Catedral de Valencia

  1. Elena Díaz
  2. Radha Montell
  3. Salvador Cerdá
  4. Jaume Segura
  5. Rosa Cibrián
  6. Arturo Barba
  7. Radu Lacatis
  8. Ana Planells
  9. Rafael Fayos
  10. Joaquín Navasquillo
  11. Alicia Giménez
Revista de acústica

ISSN: 0210-3680

Year of publication: 2021

Volume: 52

Issue: 3-4

Pages: 49-57

Type: Article

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Places of worship are heritage spaces of great cultural, artistic and architectural value. Likewise, events take place in them, members of their intangible cultural heritage, where the transmission of sound is a preferential factor. Therefore, it is important to guarantee an adequate acoustic conditioning of the places of worship for its two fundamental uses, religious music and speech. For this, a methodology has been established consisting of the phases of acoustic measurement, study of the acoustic behavior of the enclosure, lifting and calibration of the acoustic model and acoustic simulations. As they are protected buildings, intervention proposals must be based on respect for the heritage values of temples. With all this, in this study a proposal has been made to improve the acoustic conditioning of the Cathedral of Valencia.