Estudio litológico y de morteros de la muralla del castillo de Ereñozar (Ereño)

  1. Lourdes Damas Mollá
Kobie .Bizkaiko Arkeologi Indusketak = Excavaciones Arqueológicas en Bizkaia

ISSN: 2341-3689

Year of publication: 2018

Issue Title: San Miguel de Ereñozar (Ereño) : estudio arqueológico del castillo (siglos XI-XIII) y de la necrópolis parroquial (siglos XIII-XVI)

Issue: 7

Pages: 115-124

Type: Article

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The wall of the castle of Ereñozar Mountain is formed by Urgonian limestone from the Middle Cretaceous, from the Markina Limestone Formation, originating from the area surrounding the site. The mortars joining the stones present different degrees of cohesion, with very clean contact between mortar and stones. They were made by using lime as a binder and present variable degrees of setting, visible through electron microscope in the successive phases of mineral formation, and contain a vast set of admixtures, clay, sandstone, limestone, ceramics and even remains of coal and plant filament in sorne of the samples.