Giza eskubideetarako hezkuntza gatazka osteko gizartean. Teoriatik praktikara

  1. Aritza Saenz del Castillo
  2. Joseba Iñaki Arregi Orue
  3. Ana Isabel Ugalde Gorostiza
  4. Joseba Jon Longarte Arriola
Uztaro: giza eta gizarte-zientzien aldizkaria

ISSN: 1130-5738

Year of publication: 2021

Issue: 117

Pages: 55-73

Type: Article

DOI: 10.26876/UZTARO.117.2021.3 DIALNET GOOGLE SCHOLAR lock_openOpen access editor

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The educational community is aware of the importance of Human Rights Education for an inclusive society. Thus, the knowledge of theses inviolable rights is essential, and students should be aware of their violation. Starting from the objective of a true democratic society, we must avoid such attitudes, denouncing them and looking for possible solutions. In summary, Human Rights Education seeks to create critical human groups and individuals by making our students active, participatory and transformative citizens, in order to facilitate civic coexistence. For this end, the students of the Faculty of Education of Vitoria-Gasteiz carried out an introductory analytical task within Adi-Adian module, where they put in contact the different civil, social, cultural and political Human Rights and the reality, developing part of the objectives and contents of the Social and Civic Competence satisfactorily. Furthermore, the students will reflect about this learning process through a co-assessment task, which shows positive results