Hezkuntza Mugimendu Alternatiboa Euskal Autonomia Erkidegoan

  1. Aitor Garagarza
  2. Israel Alonso
  3. Miren Aguirregoitia
  4. Josebe Alonso
Uztaro: giza eta gizarte-zientzien aldizkaria

ISSN: 1130-5738

Year of publication: 2020

Issue: 115

Pages: 77-97

Type: Article

DOI: 10.26876/UZTARO.115.2020.4 DIALNET GOOGLE SCHOLAR lock_openOpen access editor

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Today, many alternative education projects are being developed, especially in Europe and Latin America. The Basque Country is no exception in the growth of these projects. The objective of this article is to describe the projects in progress and to know their characteristics, so that we can understand this reality as a future educational alternative to the conventional system. To this end, a documentary review has been carried out on the concept of alternative education, concluding that there are common elements such as freedom, autonomy, and participation. In addition, in-depth interviews were conducted and different publications and the newspaper library were searched. The exponential increase in the opening of new educational proposals and the diversity in the way of promoting these spaces has been confirmed. Following the path of this movement closely shows the birth of a new agent capable of facing the educational challenges of the future.