Movimientos sociales y procesos emancipadores

  1. Martinez Garcia, Zesar
  2. Casado, Beatriz
  3. Ibarra Güell, Pedro
Cuadernos de trabajo Hegoa = Lan Koadernoak = Working papers

ISSN: 2340-3187

Year of publication: 2012

Issue Title: Movimientos sociales y procesos emancipadores

Issue: 57

Pages: 3-40

Type: Article

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This Working Paper is the first in a series of publications that illustrates the collective process of debate and research developed in the last years by the Instituto Hegoa. This process intends to contribute -collectively- to the development of new strategic political, technical and administrative standards, so the international cooperation can become a tool to support the strength of social movements as strategic political subjects in terms of enhancing emancipating processes and social justice. In this process of collective work we present an updated interpretation of the different analytic perspectives developed in the last decades about the study of social movements, paying special attention to the most recent debates and contributions fostered by the emancipating practices and actions of social movements in the American continent; since they influence activists and social movements around the world due to their destabilising power and the creativity of their proposals. However, the last part of the text presents for public debate an analytical proposal or invitation to observe, interpret and position regarding the realities built by social movements. This proposal is going to be developed in depth in a further Working paper that will be published in the coming months.