Psichosocial functioning in patients with personality disordersa review of evidence-based research studies literatura

  1. Dávila Wood, Wendy
  2. Boyra Eizaguirre, Aitzpea
  3. Guimón Ugartechea, José
Avances en salud mental relacional

ISSN: 1579-3516

Year of publication: 2008

Volume: 7

Issue: 1

Type: Article

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Evidence based practice is a complex aim to achieve in the area of Psychiatry, and even more complex, when aspiring to explain personality disorders, theoretical constructs that in themselves are fully vague, and that have always been a source of confusion and debate between mental health professionals. This confusion, as much as anything, justifies the need to empirically back the areas of treatment that can be supported by evidence, without disregarding the unique elements of clinical practice such as the professional?s own experience, and the patient?s preferences and values.The authors offere a brief revision of the most relevant literature regarding psychosocial dysfunction on PD's. Empirically investigations remain scarce, but the existing findings seem to support that impaired functioning, especially social functioning, is an enduring component of PD's.