Reflejos de espacios 'ausentes' y lugares 'disidentes' en la maritimidad de Bilbao y su Ría. Creación actual de paisaje fluvial y lámina de agua en Zorrotzaurre*

  1. Lekerikabeaskoa Gaztañaga, Amaia
  2. Vivas Ziarrusta, Isusko
Zainak. Cuadernos de Antropología-Etnografía

ISSN: 1137-439X

Year of publication: 2019

Issue: 37

Pages: 55-74

Type: Article

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This article considers the identification and analysis of the current accumulation of socio-urban and cultural-aesthetic sediments that are shown in the 'almost-island' peninsula of Zorrotzaurre. Ancestors of a time(s); 'chronos' whose extracts have slowly been solidifying in space(s); 'topos' which have been characterized by vigorous action-activity that would correspond to the length of the temporal history of the area. 'Crono-topos' gradually changing between peripheral, suburban and port extension until the start of a dense industrial metropolis.