EAEko Fundazioen Legea. Funtzionamendu eta jardueren azterketa Zuzenbideekonomia eta Kontabilitatearen ikuspegitik

  1. Javier Corral Lage 1
  2. M. Lorea Maguregi Urionabarrenetxea 2
  3. Crisanta Elechiguerra Arrizabalaga 1
  1. 1 UPV/EHU. Finantza Ekonomia I Saila
  2. 2 UPV/EHU. Enpresen kudeaketa eta berrikuntzaren balioespena
Uztaro: giza eta gizarte-zientzien aldizkaria

ISSN: 1130-5738

Year of publication: 2015

Issue: 95

Pages: 5-34

Type: Article

DOI: 10.26876/UZTARO.95.2015.1 DIALNET GOOGLE SCHOLAR lock_openOpen access editor

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Sustainable development goals


The Basque Parliament has submitted the Preliminary Draft Law on Foundations and therefore, after all the legal formalities are completed, there will be a new regulation for this type of entities. The major reasons are as follows: the gaining importance within the company, the updating of the existing standard since 1994, and the need of considering other concepts such as the transparency, effectiveness and efficiency in the management of the funds at their disposal, the gender equality and the effective control of public resources. The essay analyses the latest updates and changes found in the revised draft. Thus, there have been a series of reflections and conclusions on the implications of this Draft Law, mainly on a technical level, and its effects on the foundational activity.