Impacto del envejecimiento de la población en el seguro de salud y de dependencia

  1. J. Iñaki de la Peña Esteban
Papeles de población

ISSN: 1405-7425 2448-7147

Year of publication: 2003

Volume: 9

Issue: 35

Type: Article

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This article analyzes the international situation of the public and private health and retirement insurance system. Starting by differentiating between their scope and conception, the analysis focuses in the application of welfare systems in various countries, in particular European countries. The population aging and the decrease in fertility will cause an increase in sanitary and welfare needs. This situation is treated by countries with different perspectives that can involve: a protectionist role of the State, a maintenance and encouragement of household and NGO in the care of the elderly, and an implementation of an alternative and private sponsored system. All these perspectives form the aggregate of welfare prevention. Today's tendency is to encourage the creation of private welfare assistance that can attend the necessities of the elderly in the future.

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