El aprendizaje cooperativo y el uso de vídeos de escritorio

  1. Angel Aldecoa-Arnaiz
  2. Lamberto Benito del Valle-Eskauriaza
  3. Agurtzane Celestino-Gutierrez
Opción: Revista de Ciencias Humanas y Sociales

ISSN: 1012-1587

Year of publication: 2015

Issue: 4

Pages: 49-66

Type: Article

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In the light of the increasing lack of motivation for reading of university students, this teaching team considered using a certain type of videos as a teaching support. Thus, we thoroughly revised the latest ICT and cooperative learning experiences in order to identify the most suitable ones, and then, we included screencasting as a support for theoretical contents. The results show it is a cost-effective experience, since it has improved student comprehension of contents, which is also reflected in their academic records.