Una versión de GPSS

  1. Álvarez, T.
  2. Dolado Cosín, José Javier
  3. Graña Romay, Manuel
  4. Sukia, I.
  5. Torrealdea Folgado, Francisco Javier
Revista de informática y automática

ISSN: 0210-8712

Year of publication: 1986

Year: 19

Issue: 4

Pages: 45-59

Type: Article

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A version of the discrete simulation language GPSS has been designed and implemented in a VAX/VMS. This version is aimed to academic purposes, introduction and practical case studies of discrete simulation. The novelty proposed is an updated grammar for the language, approaching the look of modern programming languages. This grammar is intented to provide better legibility, self documentation of the model, easiness of learning and reliability of the model code interpretation