The effect of flexibility in working hours on fertilityA comparative analysis of selected European Countries

  1. Ugidos Olazabal, Arantza
  2. Ariza Alfaro, Alfredo
  3. De la Rica Goiricelaya, Sara

ISSN: 1988-088X

Year of publication: 2003

Issue: 8

Type: Working paper

More publications in: DFAE-II WP Series


The main aim of this paper is to measure the extent to which part-time work enhances fertility for married or cohabiting women of fertile age. The study covers eleven European countries. The data used are a pool sample of five waves of the European Community Household Panel. Given that we believe that the decisions concerning fertility and labor market status are taken jointly, we carry out a simultaneous estimation approach. Results suggest that policy makers wishing to implement adequate parttime schedules so as to enhance fertility should look at the part-time schedules available in Belgium, Ireland and The Netherlands, which enhance fertility for women who take advantage of this flexibility measure so as to reconcile family and work.