Mejora del rendimiento académico del alumnado de Farmacología mediante la utilización de metodologías activas y recursos on-line

  1. M. Asier Garro 1
  2. Jaione Lacalle 1
  3. Mª Teresa Barandiaran 1
  4. Mª Jose Uranga 1
  5. Mª Nieves Aja 1
  6. Jesús Rubio-Pilarte 1
  1. 1 Universidad del País Vasco/Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea

    Universidad del País Vasco/Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea

    Lejona, España


IN-RED 2019: V Congreso de Innovación Educativa y Docencia en Red
  1. Virginia Vega Carrero (coord.)
  2. Eduardo Vendrell Vidal (coord.)

Publisher: edUPV, Editorial Universitat Politècnica de València ; Universitat Politècnica de València

ISBN: 978-84-9048-522-4

Year of publication: 2019

Pages: 1641-1649

Congress: Congreso de Innovación Educativa y Docencia en Red (5. 2019. Valencia)

Type: Conference paper


The subject of Pharmacology in the Nursing degree meets the learning needs for the future professional activity of Nurses, as important as the correct administration of drugs or the prevention of adverse events through knowledge of the mechanisms of action and adverse effects of drugs. . The objective of this study is to analyze the possible benefit that the implementation of on-line resources and active methodologies such as Socrative® questionnaires or the flipped classroom have on the acquisition of these competences by the second-year students of the Nursing degree. Three cohorts have been analyzed with a progressive implementation of these resources and teaching methodologies. The results show a clear improvement in the academic performance of the students in all the analyzed competences with an acceptable cost-benefit.