A new hyperenvironment for a more effective language learning

  1. P. Conde
  2. Y. Cobos
  3. M. Villamañe
  4. S. Sanz Lumbier
  5. S. Sanz Santamaría
  6. J. Gutiérrez
Informática educativa: nuevos retos

Publisher: Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha ; Universidad Complutense de Madrid ; Universidad de Extremadura

ISBN: 84-7723-653-4

Year of publication: 2004

Congress: Simposio Internacional de Informática Educativa (6. 2004. Cáceres)

Type: Conference paper


Traditional education ways, a fixed class with a teacher, are usually boring and monotonous. To overcome these problems, e-learning systems were created. These systems have become more appealing and effective in the last years thanks to the incorporation of multimedia material and the major interaction with the user it provides. We present HEUSKLEARNING, an Educational Hyperenvironment built up from two Digital Libraries (DLs), CyberBiblio and Kiosko@, combined with Hezinet, an Adaptive Hypermedia System (AHS) to learn the Basque language. The interaction of these applications allows students to consult different kind of material, either from CyberBiblio or from Kiosko@, while they are studying with Hezinet, without moving from the study place. The two objectives of HEUSKLEARNING: to provide a different education ways to obtain better marks in the exams, and to promote the expansion of Basque have been reached. As a result of them Hator, the Basque culture portal, has born.