Entre el discurso nacionalista y el compromiso socialista. el laborismo israelí, la internacional socialista y el conflicto árabe-israelí (1947-1983)

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  1. Antoni Segura Mas Director
  2. Antonio Rivera Blanco Director

Defence university: Universidad del País Vasco - Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea

Fecha de defensa: 21 November 2014

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  2. José María Ortiz de Orruño Legarda Secretary
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  1. Historia Contemporánea

Type: Thesis

Teseo: 117748 DIALNET


ABSTRACT This paper addresses the political position and behaviour of the Socialist International forward Arab-Israeli conflict during the time that spent between 1947 and 1983 Thus, the hypothesis of this research is the following: the Socialist International supported politically the Labour Party of Israel, understood as the representative of socialist Zionism and the state of Israel, a full and uncritically way for many years. This support, being the Israeli Labour Party the sole representative of the Middle East in the Socialist International, patterned the vision and determined the position of the IS to the so-called Arab-Israeli conflict. From one point that could be intuited from 1967, this support was growing progressively more nuanced and critical, to the policies wich about this conflict were taken by the different governments of Israel. But in any case, and despite this conflict continues to the present day, which never questioned the Socialist International and has always supported, has been the existence of the democratic Jewish State of Israel.