Eficacia de las lentes de contacto terapéuticas en una perforación corneal bilateral

  1. García Pous, M.
  2. García Delpech, S.
  3. Udaondo Mirete, P.
  4. Salom Alonso, D.
  5. Díaz Llopis, M.
  6. Montlt Rodrigo, J.C.
Revista española de contactología

ISSN: 1989-7111

Year of publication: 2005

Volume: 12

Issue: 1

Pages: 85-88

Type: Article

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Introduction: Idiopathic spontaneous bilateral perforation is a remarkable success only described in a seventeen reports. We report a woman with a simultaneous and idiopathic bilateral corneal perforation with very good response to treatment with therapeutic contact lens (CL). Case report: A 92-years-old woman with a history of aphakia and progressive and painless loss of vision in both eyes, presented with bilateral corneal perforation: In right eye (RE) a central small self-sealing corneal perforation, and in left eye (LE) a complete corneal melting with total hypotony. Cyanocrylate tissue adhesive and therapeutic CL were done in RE. CL with patching were applied in LE, waiting for evisceration. Two days before, RE was similar, but LE had a corneal recovery with anterior chamber and intraocular pressure, so a penetrating keratoplasty was performed. Conclusion: Therapeutic CL is a good transient option in corneal perforation and it can change the final treatment and prediction of the eye.