Uveítis recurrentes y tratamiento con anticuerpos monoclonales (Daclizumab)

  1. ML Hernández Garfella
  2. M Díaz Llopis
  3. D Salom Alonso
  4. E Cervera Taulet
Archivos de la Sociedad Española de Oftalmologia

ISSN: 0365-6691

Year of publication: 2004

Volume: 79

Issue: 12

Pages: 593-598

Type: Article

DOI: 10.4321/S0365-66912004001200004 DIALNET GOOGLE SCHOLAR lock_openOpen access editor

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Purpose: Assess the efficacy of monoclonal antibody (daclizumab) therapy in the treatment of patients with non-infectious uveitis who do not respond to other immunosuppressive agents. Material and method: Ten patients with non-infectious intermediate and posterior uveitis were treated with intravenous daclizumab (humanized anti-IL-2 receptor monoclonal antibody) monthly for two years. Results: 70% of the patients have had some improvement in their inflammatory activity being maintained without recurrence. 10% of the patients improved their visual acuity in two lines and the macular edema decreased. 20% of the patients continued to have recurrences, but not worse than the year before. 40% of the patients gave up having the treatment with corticosteroids and 30% with minimum dose (5 mg). No secondary effects were noted during the treatment. Conclusions: Daclizumab is effective and safe for long-term use in the treatment of uveitis which cannot be kept under control by other treatments. In time, it allows the dose of corticosteroids to be decreased or even discontinued.

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