El valor pedagógico de la danza

  1. Fuentes Serrano, Angel Luis
Supervised by:
  1. Carlos Pablos Abella Director
  2. Santiago Coca Fernández Director

Defence university: Universitat de València

Fecha de defensa: 21 May 2007

  1. Gonzalo Cuadrado Sáenz Chair
  2. Angel García Ferriol Secretary
  3. Luis Solar Cubillas Committee member
  4. Angel Manuel González Suárez Committee member
  5. Juan Benavent Mahiques Committee member

Type: Thesis

Teseo: 126460 DIALNET lock_openTDX editor


This thesis analyzes the dance in order to lay the foundations of its pedagogic values. Taking in account the qualitative paradigm and using the hermeneutic method, the author starts from an analysis of the actual education system in Spain its premises, its various establishments and its processes, trying to achieve a general aims: Humanization, Socialization and Culturization of the human being. In the second part, the author studies the dance like one of the human natural activity with its two components: motor and expressive. The author takes into account the role of the dance along the history from a pedagogical point of view. At the end, the reflections on the pedagogic values of the dance establish that the dance can have influence on the physical grow, on the perceptive-motor capacity, on the creative response, thinking and knowledge processes, as well as on the socialization and culturization. Especially significant are the possibility that the dance offers in order to improve the expressive and communicative capacity and the artistic sense, on the own creations and on the appreciation of the other peoples artistic forms.