Cuidar los mayores con demenciasobrecarga o satisfacción

  1. Silva Pombo, Carla Alexandra
Supervised by:
  1. Florencio Vicente Castro Director
  2. María Isabel Fajardo Caldera Director
  3. María Isabel Ruiz Fernández Director

Defence university: Universidad de Extremadura

Fecha de defensa: 05 December 2011

  1. Agustín Dosil Maceira Chair
  2. Benito León del Barco Secretary
  3. Fernando Bacaicoa Ganuza Committee member
  4. Olga Díaz Fernández Committee member
  5. Isabel Luján Henríquez Committee member

Type: Thesis

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The present research aimed to identify the caregiver variables with prognostic value in positive impact (satisfaction) and negative impact (burden) in the provision of informal care to patients with dementia. The sample taken for the completion of this research is a random sample consisting in a total of 51 informal caregivers of demented people. This research is based on a quantitative nature study of analytical, descriptive and transversal type (Ribeiro, 1999; Fortin, 1999). The instruments of data collection used were the following: general questionnaire, the Self-Concept Clinical Inventory (VAZ-SERRA, 1986), the Five Factor Personality Inventory, the Carers' of Managing Index, the Carers' Assessment of Satisfactions and by the Zarit Burden Interview Scale. Conclusions: ¿ Caregiver Burden was determined by caregiver's: age, employment situation, relation to the patient and perception of their health status; ¿ Satisfaction with care was determined by employment situation, the reason for assuming the caregiving role, provide personal care to the patient and perception of caregiver health status; ¿ The coping strategies "Dealing with adverse events / problem solving " and "Alternative perceptions about the situation" are predictive of caregiver burden and satisfaction with care; ¿ The dimensions of the Self-Concept, "Social Acceptance" and "Self-efficiency" are predictive of caregiver burden. The dimension "Social Acceptance" is also a predictor of satisfaction with care; ¿ The personality factor "conscientiousness" is a predictor of caregiver burden and satisfaction with care. Keywords: Dementia, caregivers, burden, caregiving satisfaction