Métodos analíticos para la determinación de compuestos disruptores endocrinos

  1. Martínez Moral, María Pilar
Supervised by:
  1. María Teresa Tena Vázquez de la Torre Director

Defence university: Universidad de La Rioja

Fecha de defensa: 30 January 2015

  1. Nestor Etxebarria Loizate Chair
  2. Susana Cabredo Pinillos Secretary
  3. José Luis Capelo Martínez Committee member

Type: Thesis


This thesis, entitled "Analytical methods to determine endocrine disruptor compounds", is presented as a compilation of the scientific articles published during the research about the determination of endocrine disruptors in different kind of samples. In the last years the concern about the occurrence of endocrine disruptor compounds (EDCs) in environmental samples and the human exposure to these compounds has increased. The goal of the research collected in this memory is to develop simpler, faster and more economical analytical methods for the determination of EDCs such as brominated diphenyl ethers (BDEs), alkylphenols (APs), bisphenol A (BPA), perfluorinated compounds (PFCs) or organophosphorus flame retardants (OPFRs) in different types of samples. This memory begins with a general Introduction (in Spanish) that explains the importance of the determination of endocrine disruptor compounds and a brief description of the extraction techniques used: selective pressurized liquid extraction (SPLE), focused ultrasound solid-liquid extraction (FUSLE) and microextraction by packed sorbents (MEPS). Then, there are different chapters for each family of compounds. Each chapter is composed by a description of the properties, uses and effects of the compounds in the environment and in human health and the state-of-the-art of their determination in different kind of samples (in Spanish), followed by the corresponding papers, in their original version (English). The scientific articles included are the following: Chapter 2: Brominated diphenyl ethers 1. Determination of brominated diphenyl ethers (from mono- to hexa- congeners) in indoor dust by pressurized liquid extraction with in cell clean-up and gas chromatography - mass spectrometry M.P. Martínez, J.D. Carrillo and M.T. Tena, Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry 397 (2010) 257-267. 2. Focused ultrasound solid-liquid extraction and gas chromatography tandem mass spectrometry determination of brominated flame retardants in indoor dust M.P. Martínez and M.T. Tena, Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry 404 (2012) 289-295. 3. Use of microextraction by packed sorbents following selective pressurized liquid extraction for the determination of brominated diphenyl ethers in sewage sludge by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry M.P. Martínez-Moral and M.T. Tena, Journal of Chromatography A 1364 (2014) 28-35. Chapter 3: Alkylphenols and bisphenol A 4. Focused ultrasound solid-liquid extraction and selective pressurized liquid extraction to determine bisphenol A and alkylphenols in sewage sludge by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry M.P. Martínez-Moral and M.T. Tena, Journal of Separation Science 34 (2011) 2513-2522. Chapter 4: Perfluorinated compounds 5. Determination of perfluorocompounds in popcorn packaging by pressurized liquid extraction and ultra performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry M.P. Martínez-Moral and M.T. Tena, Talanta 101 (2012) 104-109 6. Focused ultrasound solid-liquid extraction of perfluorinated compounds from sewage sludge M.P. Martínez-Moral and M.T. Tena, Talanta 109 (2013) 197-202 Chapter 5: Organophosphorus flame retardants 7. Development of an analysis method for two novel organophosphorus flame retardants in sediment and sewage sludge: resorcinol bis-(diphenylphosphate) (PBDPP) and bisphenol A bis (diphenylphosphate) (BPA-BDPP), including other organophosphate flame retardants and plasticizers M.P. Martinez-Moral, S. Brandsma, J. de Boer and P. Leonards. Finally, the general conclusions of the work performed are presented in Chapter 6.